hail that can damage your roof

Hail Damage to Roofs in McKinney, Frisco, & Allen, TX and the entire North Texas region

The variety of harsh storms in north Texas causes havoc on our roofs. Damage doesn't always result in immediate leaking, but rather it can drastically shorten the life of your roof. That's why we always recommend that you get an inspection if you think there was even the possibility of damage from a hail storm.

Factors Leading to Hail Damage

Hail size can range from the size of a pea to that of a softball, but several variables can play a part in whether or how much damage occurs.

  • Size & density - Obviously, the bigger the hailstones, the more likely they are to cause problems, but even small pieces can cause harm given the right conditions. Shape also plays a factor, since hailstones are usually not round and smooth. The more jagged and rough the hailstone, the more likely the damage.
  • Wind & direction - wind speed can affect how the hail lands on the roof. Depending on direction, it may increase or decrease the severity. If the wind is blowing directly towards the roof, it can significantly increase the impact.
  • Natural coverage - trees can act like a canopy and offer some protection from the impact of hailstones.
  • Roofing materials - different types of roofing react differently. Harder materials, such as tile or wood shake can sustain lighter impact better than asphalt shingles, but may crack with higher impact. Asphalt shingles are less likely to crack, but will suffer dings. Also, the older the roof is, the more likely it is to sustain damage, as shingles get more brittle with age.

How to Identify Hail Damage

With a major hail storm, the damage is often fairly obvious from the ground. Most of the time, however, the damage is much more difficult to spot and requires an on-the-roof inspection. A surefire sign is if your car (or a neighbor's car) suffered hail damage, but even if not, there could be roof damage. Therefore, if you ever have any questions, it always pays to be safe and get an inspection. Choice Roofing offers a free inspection for your peace of mind. Give us a call today at 214-585-9597.

What does hail damage actually look like? These are some signs:

  • Dark spots on the tiles, in random places. This is caused by loss of granules, which can expose the roof felt or the black tar of the shingle.
  • Discoloration spots may also be a result of the fiberglass matting showing through after granules are lost.
  • Bruised shingles can also lead to dark spots on the shingle, are caused from impact.
  • Bruised shingles may not have obvious markings, but sometimes are softer to the touch, having been weakened.
  • Air vents on the roof are often dented or broken in a hail storm.
Sometimes hail damage can look similar to heat blistering or just normal wear and tear, but an experienced roofer can tell the difference.