Choice Roofing Care offers Roofing Insurance Claim Repair throughout the Choice Roofing Care area!

Due to the severe weather in north Texas, a large number of roofs are repaired or replaced using an insurance claim. While it's nice to know that your insurance is covering the cost, it can also be a very stressful time if a major storm was the cause. You will likely have to deal with several different people to handle insurance claims and repairs to your home and car.

insurance claim for a residential roof

Help With the Insurance Process

At Choice Roofing Care, we are experts at handling insurance claims for your roof and we will walk with you through the entire process. Many roofing companies have experience dealing with insurance, but with over 7 years of experience as an independent insurance adjuster, we have experience from the other side. Please note, we are NOT claiming to represent you as an adjuster, as this is deemed illegal in Texas. But we have the experience to help you deal with adjusters, which can be critical. We know how to help the process go as smoothly as possible and we make sure your insurance plan pays for everything that it should. Handling your insurance deductible is another tricky area in roof replacement and insurance claims.

Filing a Claim

Since you probably don't file a claim for roof damage very often, having our expertise to walk with you is a great benefit to you. It takes a lot of follow up with the insurance company and the adjuster to ensure you are fully reimbursed for the proper repairs. If you have any questions about how to file a claim or getting the right documentation, let us know. We can assist you through all the steps.

The first step is to call your insurance company to file a claim. Make sure you tell them you have wind and hail damage, not just hail damage. They'll take all your info and the adjuster will usually take over from there, contacting you within a few days. When the adjuster comes to evaluate your property, they will likely notice other damage on your property, such as air conditioner fins being bent, gutters, and damaged paint/siding to your house. They'll walk on the roof for a close inspection, looking for signs of hail damage.

We always recommend having us there to speak with the adjuster. As we describe below, the process can be tricky to identify what qualifies as hail damage. Adjusters mostly prefer that you NOT have a roofer present, after all, who wants someone double checking their work or slowing them down with questions or challenging their findings. However, we are quite familiar with the claims process, having spent over 7 years working as an insurance adjuster. Therefore, we work patiently and courteously with the adjuster to make sure you get the assessment you deserve. In the end, it's your house and your choice to have a roofer present during the adjuster's inspection.

What If My Claim is Denied?

What If My Claim is Denied?

This rarely happens if we are present during the inspection. If we believe there is no hail damage, we won't waste your time or the adjuster's time by telling you to file a claim in the first place. We believe the insurance company should only cover damage that the policy is supposed to cover. While inspecting the roof together, we can usually come to a reasonable agreement as to the cause of the problems we see.

However, what if you chose not to have us present during the inspection? Or what if you didn't even know we could help so you just called the insurance company by yourself? Is it too late to involve us? Certainly not. While it would have been easier to be involved from the beginning, we can also enter the process after the denial.

Sometimes a case is on the edge, meaning it is not clearly hail damage, nor is it clearly just wear and tear. When this happens and you call us after the adjuster denies the claim, we will have you request a re-inspection, this time with us present. The adjuster may or may not take kindly to having a re-inspection with us present, but we will work with them in a polite and courteous way to have your roof fairly assessed.

Never Accept the Insurance Adjuster's Report

At least not without a second opinion. We strongly recommend having us be present when your insurance adjuster inspects your roof. Of course, just because the insurance adjuster is mainly working for the insurance company, doesn't mean he or she is deliberately going to minimize your claim. Still, you must understand they are employed by the insurance company. In addition, adjusters working after a major storm are usually pretty busy and may mistakenly miss an important detail on your claim. If we're on the site at the same time, we can easily point out items they may have missed, or discuss why we think it's important.

Furthermore, determining hail damage is not always as cut and dry as you would like. Sometimes there is some subjectivity involved, and each individual adjuster has their opinion. A "tough" adjuster may disqualify a claim if it is a borderline case, with no obvious hail damage, while a "softer" adjuster may quickly approve the same claim. Since you never know who the adjuster will be, it is always better to have us present during the inspection. If we disagree with the adjuster, we will politely point out items and explain why we believe there is a legitimate claim. Without having us there, you are at the mercy of whatever the adjuster decides.

roof with documentation of storm damage

Documentation & Negotiation

The initial claim approval is just the first major step. Once the general claim for hail damage has been approved, the second major step is making sure the insurance company pays for the full replacement value of the project. If the adjuster makes an error in estimating the cost of replacement, you'll end up paying the difference, which you should not have to do. We will work with your adjuster and your insurance company to get an accurate assessment.

We like to have plenty of documentation to support our estimates for insurance claims. This includes photos of your roof and property showing all the problem areas. We also note all the damage and give estimates for the cost of repair or replacement. This often helps if you need to resubmit a counter proposal.

When we believe the adjuster has missed items in his estimate, we are usually successful in helping you negotiate a better settlement so that you can get proper reimbursement for your roof damage. Choice Roofing Care will be at your side from the beginning of the claim until the completion of your roof.

How Soon Do I Have to File a Claim?

The typical time limit is within one year of damage. Of course, it's always best to take care of it as soon as possible after a storm, but that's not always possible. If a large storm came through then there will likely be a big back log of work for both insurance adjusters and roofing contractors. This is to be expected, so a year is normally plenty of time to get it taken care of. Note, the work does not need to be completed within one year, you only need to make sure a claim is filed so your insurance company has been informed.

If you need to file an insurance claim, make sure you have the experts at Choice Roofing Care at your side and on your side.