Quality Roof Replacement

We at Choice Roofing Care LLC aim to perform repairs or restorations whenever possible. However, in some instances where roofs are old or significantly damaged, roof replacement is the necessary or more cost-effective option. As GAF, CertainTeed and Owens Corning certified roofers, we provide a generous selection of quality roofing materials in an array of styles and colors, along with dependable, detail-oriented craftsmanship that can protect your property for years. 

Quality Roof Replacement

Signs You Need Roof Replacement

Deteriorating or Missing Shingles

roofer can replace a few missing shingles or repair minor damage. However, if the damage is widespread, re-roofing may be necessary. As shingles deteriorate, they shed their protective asphalt granules. You might find piles of these in the gutters or near the building’s foundation. Wind can also lift shingles, leaving bare spots vulnerable to moisture damage. If many shingles are missing, roof replacement will be more cost-effective than repairs. 

Interior Damage

Sometimes, the clearest sign you need roof replacement comes from within the building. If beams of light are penetrating the attic, it means the roof has holes through which water can also enter. Alternatively, you might notice discoloration of the wooden supports, or yellowish or brown stains on the ceiling or walls indicating a leak. If the water damage is widespread, you may need a new roof

Plant Growth

Moss and algae are not just unsightly; because they retain moisture and enable mold growth, they can cause serious damage. They can even lift the shingles, enabling water to seep through to the roof’s decking, leading to rot and structural deterioration.  

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