Reliable Storm Damage Mitigation

Your roof is your first line of defense against severe weather in North Texas. Unfortunately, even quality roofs can succumb to extreme conditions. The good news is most homeowners insurance and business insurance plans cover damage caused by acts of nature and sudden accidents. If your roof has sustained storm damage, count on Choice Roofing Care LLC for responsive and reliable support through every step of the restoration process.

Expert Insurance Claims Assistance

Prior to becoming the Choice Roofing Care LLC owner and CEO, Dave Rigby worked for over seven years as a licensed insurance adjuster. While he no longer acts in this capacity, Dave now leverages his experience and expertise to assist customers filing insurance claims for storm damage repair, restoration or replacement.

Storm Damage repair services

Our storm damage mitigation process begins with a meticulous inspection to document the damage for your insurer. We then provide a detailed estimate of the roof repair or replacement cost. Then, Dave will help you file the insurance claim and communicate with your provider. Throughout the process, Choice Roofing Care LLC will be glad to answer any questions you have. Not only can this professional support relieve stress and streamline the process, it can increase your chances of a fair insurance payout. 

Even if you have already filed an insurance claim and were denied, we may be able to help, particularly if you did not have a roofer present during your insurance adjuster’s inspection. We will perform a new inspection and help you file an appeal if we determine storm damage is the cause of your issue.

Don’t Wait to Repair Storm Damage!

Time is of the essence when it comes to storm damage mitigation. If your roof was compromised, submit the contact request form or call Choice Roofing Care LLC at (214) 585-9597 to schedule a free inspection and estimate.